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  2010.06.09  11.54

Dear jwz,

I've got your grim meathook future right here. Yes, this is a woman sunbathing in a gas mask.


  2010.05.20  13.28
Mr. White approves

I love hyperlocal news. How else would I find out about shit like this? One note, though: when someone's mobile meth lab catches on fire, that's not arson.

Employees of the Muni railyard, who gathered to watch the camper go up in flames, said this was not the first time they had seen the suspected arsonist in the area. The same man was found inside the railyard about a week and a half earlier, and again tried to sneak into the railyard on Friday, but someone stopped him at the gate, they said.

This second time around, according to employees, he wasn’t wearing pants.

All I can think of is this:


  2009.11.10  19.10
For tiny_chicken


  2009.09.03  14.49

I've been having problems with Comcast DNS for 24 hours now. Manual configuration works, auto-detect via DHCP doesn't, even with the same addresses. Google tells me that their DNS shits the bed roughly once every two years, so we're right on schedule.

Anyone else having problems, or is it just me?


  2009.08.18  09.01

For all youse in the business, KQED's Forum show is discussing SF's nightclubs. Could be interesting.


  2009.08.02  15.51
Wine bar

We have a Crate & Barrel wine bar that we don't need right now. We don't want to get rid of it right away, so if one of you would like it in the mean time let us know.

The bar is metal, and it used to have a glass top that we can no longer find. The top would definitely make it more useful. It holds 15 bottles of wine.

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  2009.06.22  18.07



  2009.06.12  13.06
Dear Lazywebs,

I need a SubVersion search client. Basically, I have a repository with some code in it, but I seem to have deleted a crucial function. I can't remember when, either, but I remember that it used the MySQL command LOAD DATA INFILE. grep on the current working copy shows that this phrase is nowhere to be found. I basically want to talk to the repository directly and ask it to grep for that phrase.



  2009.06.11  20.49

I just found out that Chicken John was in GG Allin's band. I had no idea.

When I tried to explain to heresiarch who GG Allin was, I was at a loss. So I hit google, looked at his Wikipedia page, and searched for the word "feces".

Introductory paragraph. I think that says it all.


  2009.05.26  13.47
A simple solution: marriage for none.

In case you haven't heard, the California Supreme Court just upheld Proposition 8, ruling that marriage is between one man and one woman.

From what I'm hearing the radio this morning, the majority opinion reaffirms the court's earlier rulings of full constitutional equality between opposite- and same-sex couples. Along these lines the opinion places an obligation on the three branches of the state's government to rectify the disparity there.

I think there is a simple solution to this problem: stop granting marriages, effective immediately. California's constitution now states that marriage is between one man and one woman, and the court has clearly shown on many occasions that the constitution gives equal rights to all couples. State recognition of marriage is thus clearly incompatible with the state constitution. Obviously, all marriages granted prior to the passage of Prop 8 will still be honored.

We all know that the Federal government is pretty diligent about protecting opposite-sex couples. Thus they will, no doubt, quickly pass legislation to let new California couples claim married status on their 2009 tax returns. I have complete faith that the California legislature will act just as swiftly to craft an institution, some sort of marriage-in-all-but-name, to satisfy the court's requirements.


  2009.05.20  11.47

Congratulations, Mr. BART driver. You said we had to hold coming into 12th St. because there was a train ahead of us in the station. Funny thing, that, because this is a Pittsburg train and we just came in at the Richmond platform. Normally, we come in on the opposite side so we can do a timed transfer to that Richmond train. So yes, there is in fact supposed to be a train at the platform.

Thanks. Seriously, how do you not notice that you're on the wrong track?


  2009.04.01  13.29
I wish I didn't find this funny

The East Bay Express is running a story in which a bunch of burners managed to really, really piss off the local Native American community by holding a "go native" party.

Seriously, kids, you all went to college. This means that you all went to at least one "Pimps 'n' Hos" party; do you really not remember the complaints about it? The principle is the same, whether you think it's funny or sacred: cultural appropriation is offensive.

This confirms pretty much every stereotype about Burners that I can think of. Bougie white Artists slumming it in a warehouse in the hood next to the freeway, draping themselves in Tribal trappings while taking drugs and dancing. Don't get me wrong: I'm white, bougie, and I've had plenty of fun dancing in warehouses with my fellow travelers. That can indeed be a spiritual experience. But all this shit is a luxury. At least cop to that fact, and for the love of god please try not to insult the people on whose bones our little middle class fantasy is built.

While the parallel is pretty strained, I'm trying to picture the Sisters acting surprised that some Catholics find their little pastiche offensive.

Mood: Tire iron?

  2009.03.08  01.04
Watchmen, first thoughts

Somebody should have told Zach Snyder that this isn't some superhero comic book. While I realize that the old Batman comics don't fixate on breaking knees and elbows backwards like that, fetishizing graphic violence is today's vice for small boys just the same as POW SOCKO comics used to be.

The graphic fixation in the movie is the sex. One full scene to Moore's two, sure, but that one scene is way more explicit than anything I've seen in a legitimate, release-length American film in — well, I can't recall when the last time I saw that was.

My own boredom with the juvenile bloodfest aside, I think substituting more explicit sex for less drawn-out limb-breaking would have been a great tribute to Moore. He went on at great length about extatic pornography in the interviews he did for Lost Girls; and while I thought that work was a complete failure, as literature, pornography, or any amalgam, I'm all behind his basic project. So, Syndey-pants: man up. When you cut the Director's version for DVD, lay off the carnage. Give us more more sex.


  2009.03.06  16.00
I'm shocked that noone has posted this here, so I'll do it.

Yes, I saw this on CoilHouse and you should all be reading that daily as well.

Straight-up genius, well executed.


  2009.02.27  16.52

The short version is that I've just lost about six hours of work because Apple COMPLETELY BROKE one of the programs I really, really need for school.

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  2009.02.20  16.26
Let's just hope that's the National Guard on exercises

Our building just got buzzed by two CH-47s, flying fast in formation at maybe 1000 feet.


  2009.02.14  14.01

My aunt, long a fan of new-age medicines, has begun distributing a health drink called Bazi. The back of the bottle lists Bazi's "proprietary mineral blend," which includes not only your usual supplements like Zinc and Selenium but also some more suspicious ones like Osmium, Rubidium, and Praseodymium.

In fact, on closer examination, the list contains every stable element with only a few exceptions. In fact, the only things missing between 4 and 91 are the noble gasses; elements with no stable isotope like Technetium, Francium, Radium, and Polonium; two hugely expensive precious metals, Palladium and Rhenium; and things that sound dangerous, like Lead, Arsenic, Mercury, Lithium, Uranium, and Plutonium. They don't list Nitrogen, Hydrogen, or Oxygen, but I suspect that they're present.

I'm just trying to figure out whether they bothered to compund this mixture, or whether they just got a mass-spec of the tap water.

ETA: given that ingredient #1 in their "proprietery blend" is "carbon (organic)", I'm guessing that they did just run the finished product through a mass-spec.


  2009.02.09  21.54
Stay classy, BART

From the sniffing sounds and gratuitous fistfulls of cash, I'll go with "high on your own supply." Even if "you got about four exits," a crowded BART car seems like a poor place to do a deal.


  2009.02.01  23.43

Responses in this post have brought it to my attention that some of you are still using vinyl shower curtains. It's really not worth it. For $12, you can get a fabric one; and when the thing gets moldy and soapy, you can wash it. In a washing machine. With a little bleach to kill the mildew. With a vinyl one, you can either wash it by hand (done that, never doing it again), machine wash it (in theory this works but I secretly don't believe it) or, more likely, toss it. No, wait, more likely you just leave it there until the bottom six inches are solid black, and then toss it.

Vinyl is bad for the environment, people. Just making the stuff is a crime, and you should avoid buying anything vinyl. It's even more of a crime when you're just going to throw it out. Plastic is not disposable.


  2009.01.22  11.47
BART equation of the morning

Highlighter + (Bible open to Revelation) = hot.


  2009.01.20  18.33
Anyone have a room open?

We've got a new grad student in my lab, transplanted a bit suddenly, looking for a room. Anyone with leads in the Oakland/Berkeley area, let me know.


  2009.01.15  13.14

US Airways Flight 1549 has apparently ditched in the Hudson.

Article has fantastic pic of the plane surrounded by every New York City ferry.


  2009.01.14  21.55

I can only assume it's because of more protests, but the 12th St. BART station in Oakland is closed. Train driver says it's due to earlier "civil disturbance." Apparently 19th St. was closed as well at one point, but has now reöpened.

Here's hoping things stayed, well, civilly disobedient. I know the organizers were taking things seriously. Anyone have word?


  2009.01.10  12.34
The NYT in my pantry

The Times has an article on things you should and should not be eating.

On the one hand, I agree pretty much entirely with the article. With few exceptions, this is my pantry and has been for the last decade.

On the other hand, I'm sure my ancestors had some good ideas about silverware. I mean, don't you feel inferior for not having a fish fork?


  2009.01.08  12.18

I don't know how many of you outside the Bay are following this, but a man was shot on NYE by BART (transit) police — shot, in the back, while lying face down with his hands behind him. It being a big holiday, the station was packed with witnesses, and no less than four separate videos of the event are in civilian hands.

I'm posting mainly to direct anyone who doesn't know him to the coverage by sol3. He's a fantastic photographer, and he's been following the story and the protests. It's especially worth reading his take on the protests and resulting news coverage because he was there.

I don't have much to add to what's been said. I totally agree that this is tragic, and that absent the sheer number of witnesses and cameras there would be a lot more people saying that the guy fought back. Yes, police officers work for the people, and need to be accountable to them. All of them.

There are two things that I have to say that I haven't heard.Collapse )


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